• Custom Built-In Cabinetry
  • For Homes and Private Offices
  • Master Cabinetmakers
  • 100+ Years Combined Experience
  • 70+ Years in Business
  • Built to Custom Designs
  • Functional - Elegant - Unique
  • Detailed Craftsmanship
  • Installation

Our highly skilled craftsmen are masters of the woodworking sciences. This level of expertise can only be achieved after a long number of years in the trade, and our cabinetmakers have over 100 years combined experience. Designers appreciate our dedication to quality and attention to detail - our executive libraries, mantelpieces, and custom desks are, indeed, exceptional pieces of furniture.

Each one is either solid wood or a combination of solid wood and select veneers. Recent orders, for example, have been delivered in black cherry, ash, maple, mahogany, madrone burl and wenge. Our craftsmen use a wide variety of finishes and finish techniques to achieve the appearance and durability you're looking for. We've also integrated stone, custom glass and decorative metals in our work, to great effect.

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